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I was created because a couple of years ago a member of my community had issues keeping up with the rapid change in surrounding structures.

A family business, which was found over 30 years ago, was confronted with a massive collapse in sales due to a conservative operational style and the use of conventional distribution channels.

This was the beginning of an initially difficult path of reorientation. But this process revealed new paths, such as creating this community of specialists from all sectors within the industry.

I began a search for specialists that bring creative solutions for all types of hotels, no matter the size or location. So the community grew through various members, from freelancers to startups and established experts.

Superhotelier Method Hotel Expert

I am the “caretaker,” and will help you position your hotel on the market sustainably. With the right digital and analogue equipment, you will be set up perfectly for the future. I will help you reach your hotel’s potential.


Increasing the turnover and profits no matter the size or location of the hotel.

If you’re willing to master the big challenges set for hoteliers, you need to know the industry like the back of your hand. Technological and digital change, the resulting increase in online competition and new competitors are changing the market on a daily basis. In addition, tight margins coupled with an increasing workload and the rather difficult search for the right personnel, do not make planning any easier.

However, together with a wide variety of professionals from every area of the hospitality industry, we can do it!

I have bundled the accumulated Know-How of the hotel industry and will always supply you with the most helpful solution for your hotel at that point in time.

Genuine and experienced professionals and partners from the hotel and related sectors form the network that deals with the development and opportunities in the industry. Especially for small hotel chains and privately managed hotels.

You can join me on a journey through the network and use the unlimited knowledge we have gathered, to benefit  your hotel. Let your hotel reach its full pontential by checking in at the Superhotelier.

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  • Easy analysis for your online possibilities with quick problem-solving approaches. 
  • Understanding and learning the purpose of effective revenue management. 
  • Finding a suitable marketing strategy and partners. 
  • Finding Web designersPhotographers and SEO-Specialists for the construction of your website to best possible conditions. 
  • Optimising your website and improving the booking function (internet booking engine) to receive more direct bookings. 
  • Obtain more bookings via, Expedia and other OTAs – reducing commissions for wholesalers like Amoma and OTAs. 
  • Detectingunderstanding and meeting the needs of your guests. 
  • Saving money through collective central purchasing and using the same opportunities that big chains use. 
  • Recruiting and screening of a budget-suitable marketing agency for all online and offline concerns. 
  • Implementing modernist technologies to form and optimise the consumer journey. 
  • The meaning of “full house” isreaching optimum occupancy at best possible prices to sustainably maximise and secure economic success. 
  • Efficiently finding motivated and qualified staff for all business departments. 
  • Finding the right operational management and securing it through external control mechanisms. 
  • Professional prevention of industrial espionagetheft, etc. 
  • Succession within the businessbuilding the basis of a secure future and clarifying the succession plan. 
  • Finding suitable buyers or tenants for the succession of the business. 
  • Take-over of additional hotels within the same region and therefore strengthening your potential 
  • Buying good quality equipment at the best possible price. 
  • Planning a business expansion successfully and cost-efficiently. 
  • Accompanying hotels during conceptionequipping and pre-opening phases. 
Hintergrund Hotelmarketing Superhotelier Marketing für Hotels

The Superhotelier team  is your contact for all matters concerning your hotel, Corona and much more. Contact her now if you have any questions regarding this or other topics and want to know more about the Superhotelier! To the contact form

Important and incredibly powerful:

the Superhotelier knows no unsolvable challenge. I’ll find a suitable and customised solution for everyone. For every budget, as quickly as possible, without lengthy consultations.You too can use the Superhotelier – the hotel expert!

A hotel expert is someone who is familiar with all aspects of hotel consulting and thus advises and helps his customers, the hotel owners.

A hotel expert can help you in the areas of marketing, revenue and yield management, sales, digitalisation, furnishing, and construction.

Yes, thanks to many years of experience in all areas of the hotel industry, the Superhotelier is your perfect partner.

Thanks to many years of experience and a large network, the Superhotelier can be of great help.