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To me marketing is a little like art! The ability of skillful marketing is to present the self image of the entrepreneur, the truth of the company, the passion for the profession and the strengths of the firm in the right light. The success of good marketing is measurable! Paired with revenue and sales activities it can bring an increase of 30% in turnover.

Successful hotel marketing is based on creativity, experience, profound and updated knowledge, holistic thinking, a view for the essential and the ability to sell. Making the right decisions online and offline is key.


How boring would the world of products be without great marketing? Marketing speaks your company’s truth and individualises your hotel. Together we’ll find your USP  and reveal the full potential of your hotel. Because nothing is more significant that authenticity. You are only able to communicate your strengths to your target audience, if you genuinely know where they lie.

During our daily work with customers we focus on the following:

  • Increasing brand popularity through more visibility

  • Identifying the right marketing channels

  • Individual and profitable hotel marketing campaigns

  • More regular customers due to a holistic and authentic website

  • Professional websites for more direct bookings

  • Less dependency on large booking portals with percise marketing

  • Individuelle Hotel Marketing Kampagnen online & offline

  • marketing know-how from hotel experts

  • holistic consultation and expertise

  • Better use of capacity through targeted actions

  • Developing a pool of regular guests

  • Permanent increase in turnover

The term hotel marketing includes all activities a hotelier undertakes to market his products and services,  thereby reaching and persuading potential customers. The overriding goal here is to increase his revenue/profit.

For successful online and offline hotel marketing using the help of an agency is advisable. Due to their experience, they can market precisely, on all the right channels for your hotel. Furthermore, it will save you from having to go through a time-consuming training period, and you can fully concentrate on your daily operations.

All promotional activities which take place online, such as websites etc., fall into the online category. All activities which take place outside of the digital world, e.g. postal mailings or phone calls are in the offline category.

Direct marketing is an essential building block for a functioning marketing concept. Thanks to direct communication with customers, unnecessary and expensive steps can be avoided. And it enables a more personal and direct exchange with customers. 

Hotel marketing covers all marketing activities including online marketing, direct marketing, classic marketing, guerilla marketing, content marketing, event marketing, multichannel marketing, performance marketing and neuromarketing. 

More and more of our daily life takes place online. The first phone is obtained at an early age. The world is becoming  more digital by the second. This is why being present and creating online content for your hotel is vital. Ignoring the digital change can have detrimental effects on your business.