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At the thought of a “full house” two ideas come to mind. Firstly, the pleasure of always having the right cards at hand during a game, even better though is the thought of a constantly full hotel. If you like this idea as much as I do, then we’re a perfect match and should start our journey. Firstly, we’ll concentrate on increasing the occupancy rate of your hotel.

With the right revenue and yield management this is guaranteed! We’ ll show you how to significantly increase your sales without lowering your prices. On average, the occupancy of the hotels I manage has increased by an incredible 31%. And if we hadn’t come close to full occupancy with some hotels, we could have exceeded the 31% by far! And this within the first two years of the cooperation. How gruesome it must be to witness a hotel with too few guests and under-utilised staff. A well coordinated and skilfully applied revenue management is the key to success; this should be accompanied by a series of marketing and sales measures. This leads to an enormous positive change. Ignite the turbo to a “full house” using the Superhotelier.


It’s on you to decide when to begin with success. Today? Tomorrow? The sooner, the better! With the right cards to a “full house.”Close to every hotel suffers because of high fluctuations within its occupancy. For example, I have seen hotels, accepting vacant rooms at the beginning of seasons or on weekends for decades until we radically changed that! In times of weaker occupancy I can bring about the biggest change!

My mission is to share my experience and knowledge. I love making hotels more successful and hoteliers happier!

The beauty of having a “full house”. Use the perfect revenue and yield management for your hotel too!

  • Increase in sales without strong price reductions

  • Fully occupied all year round

  • Effective pricing strategy for your business

  • Use of individual room rates

  • Use of revenue or yield management software

  • Optimal utilisation of employees throughout the year

Revenue management in the hospitality industry is the application of disciplined analysis, that predicts consumption patterns at the micro-market level, to optimise the availability and price of services  and therefore help maximise revenue growth.

Yield management is used in the hotel industry to maximise the hotel’s overall revenue, by giving top priority to the offer with the highest willingness to pay.

Yield management is a part of revenue management in the hotel industry. As the name suggests, yield management focuses solely on the price, i.e. the return. Revenue management, on the other hand, includes other parameters. In short: the big picture is taken into account.

The Revenue Manager is an important interface in the daily routine of every hotel. He is responsible for the optimisation of turnover, including profit and thus has a direct influence on the development of the operating result.