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Free Superhotelier Membership As Long As The Corona Crisis Lasts!

Controlled crisis management and looking ahead are now more important than ever! The super hotelier waives membership fees for all of his customers as long as the corona crisis persists. *

* The duration of the corona crisis is currently not foreseeable. If it is foreseeable that the situation will ease again, we will inform you in good time of when we will start collecting membership fees. Of course, you then have the right to cancel your membership before the first post if we could not convince you.

  • A free analysis of your hotel operations, including determination of strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities and derived, individual recommendations for action and proposed solutions
  • The Superhotelier is a strong partner and consultant. You can contact him at any time with questions or if you need help around your hotel. He is always at your side with advice and action and helps you to master your current challenges
  • Benefit from the network and contacts of the super hotelier for all services and products related to your hotel business as well as from permanent support and advice whenever you need his advice
  • Stay up to date with changes, news and developments in the hotel industry via the Superhotelier blog and the newsletter for members
  • Receive regular tips and support in optimizing your processes and improving your presence in the market. > Strengthen the brand of your hotel in order to distinguish yourself and stand out in the competition. > Sustainable increase the return and economy of your hotel
  • Exchange ideas with other hoteliers and benefit from their experience transferred to your hotel business


The Superhotelier knows your business. With his expertise and network, he helps to bring your hotel to the front and also to be able to exist alongside large hotel chains. Digitization is also fundamentally changing the hotel industry and often places new demands on operations every day. The opportunity is now there to optimize processes and show digital presence. The range of options and service providers for technology optimization is huge and diverse. The super hotelier always keeps an overview and helps you to find the right levers and approaches for your specific requirements.

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