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Lead your hotel to success, profit economically now and make yourself a Full-House Superhotelier. Become a part of our Community and take full advantage of all benefits this partnership entails for a small monthly contribution of only 19,80€.


Membership Fees


Memberships in the Superhotelier-Community are always made on a 12 Month basis and can be terminated with 3 months prior notice. Payable with Creditcard or PayPal.



Monthly Fees: 19,80€ per Month when paying 1 year in advance (annual Rate 237,60€)



24,00€ per Month when paying half a year in advance (biannual payments of 144€); (annual Rate 288,00€)



28,00€ per month when paying on a monthly basis (annual rate 336,00€)


These are just a few of the perks and benefits of the Superhotelier-Community:


  • You will receive an accurate Analysis of your hotel business free of charge. This includes the evaluation of its strengths, weaknesses as well as the threats that you may face. Based on this we will be able to give you an individual recommended course of action to remove disruptive forces and effectively use opportunities to maximise the performance of your Hotel.
  • The Superhotelier is a strong partner and expert advisor. You can raise any questions you may have whenever you need help and the Superhotelier will stand by you to meet any challenge the hotel business may entail.
  • Contact the Superhotelier and profit from his network of suppliers. No matter what product or service your Hotel business may need, the Superhotelier will handpick the best solution for your requirements.




  • Stay on top of Technological advancements, news and developments in the hotel industry through the Superhotelier Blog and our members-only newsletter.
  • Receive regular Advice and help with optimizing your business processes and strengthen your position in the market > Reinforce your branding to beat the competition > boost your turnover in a sustainable way and significantly enhance the profitability of your hotel business.
  • Exchange views with other Hoteliers and profit from their knowledge.


The Superhotelier knows this industry inside-out. With his expertise and network, he can help you leap forward and sustain in a market ruled by large hotel-groups. Digitalisation has long reached the Hotel sector and hoteliers are faced with new challenges daily.

Many struggle with this development, which leaves the unique opportunity to take presence in the digital market and outrun competition. The sheer endless amount of diverse technological offerings to improve your hotel business can be confusing. The Superhotelier has not only got a clear overview but also, hands on experience on which high-tech solution will actually benefit your hotel and suit your individual needs.

This land of opportunities is what drives the Superhotelier to find the best solution for your business at the best possible price. Whether your hotel only has a few rooms or whether it is the biggest hotel in the area, the Superhotelier works with the precision of a swiss watchmaker to find the optimal solution for any challenge you may face. His ways may sometimes be a little unconventional but no matter what the budget, and where you may be located, the Superhotelier can always be reached via E-mail for assistance.